Everyone feels happy with a hike. Hikes are alright till the time they do not attract taxable income. For the information those drawing a salary above Rs.5 Lakhs are the ones who fall in the category of tax payers. Now some may think it is a complicated job to file income tax returns – however it is not the case when you file your returns online at ClearTax. Apart from being able to do the job on your own you save on the bills that your chartered accountant would have posed on you, also you will know for yourself details of your income as well as savings.

You can file income-tax returns online for free at Letzbank and also at Clear Tax website totally free of cost.  Although once you start filing your income tax returns you will be guided online by just taking a look at “Guide to E-File”. If you still do not get how to file your return even after reading the guide, you can avail a basic Expert Assistant.

Over 10 lakh people have filed their IT returns by availing ClearTax assistance and around a 100 Crores of people save by E-filing returns through ClearTax. Here are plans for E-filing income tax returns based on your Employment type and guess what it just takes 7 minutes:

  • For salaried professionals who are fresher or having a single employer (no property) a basic fee of Rs.399/- excluding taxes is charged
  • For salaried professionals having multiple employers or multiple ownership of properties, a basic fee of Rs.799/- excluding taxes is charged
  • For salaried professionals having an ESOP in domestic industry or PSU employees drawing a salary under 6th pay commission, a basic fee of Rs.1799/- excluding taxes is charged.

Steps to E-File Returns:            

  1. Register yourself – online
  2. Fill your Form 16
  3. Once you are done filling your application Upload it and that all you need to do to e-file your returns
  4. ClearTax
  5. Your E-filing will take only 7 minutes
  6. And you will be assisted online round the clock and you will be able to maximize your deductions.
  7. You can save your copy for future transactions

When to file your income tax returns?

Although the set date to file your income tax returns is 31st July, 2016, you can still file your income tax returns on the 31st March in the following year. If you still fail to file a return it is more likely for the government to pose a penalty by sending a notice so that you make your payment along with the interest. You can file an income tax return for the two consecutive years.

What is ClearTax:

ClearSharp Technologies has introduced a unique product called “ClearTax” for the convenience of all tax payers.

The product has been designed to assist individuals and organizations E-file their income tax returns.

ClearTax accurately files your income-tax returns with a hassle-free, easy and quick, that ensures maximizing deductions.

Team – ClearTax, comprises of experts from IIT, BITS, Harvard and CA.

ClearTax functions efficiently by partnering with really well known CA’s having a substantial experience in Taxation, Finance and Accounting industry.

On the other hand ClearTax is one of the most trusted products which is recommended by leading Chartered Accounts

Why make use of ClearTax

  • ClearTax makes it convenient for people to arrange and compile their financial documents, fill and file their income tax returns online.
  • ClearTax ensures that you make the maximum amount of tax deductions.
  • ClearTax is the safest methodology for E-filing your tax returns
  • ClearTax follows set of rules that are in synchronisation with the Government of India.
  • ClearTax is an proficient tool, which eases the process of IT-return filing.

Advantages of Online Tax Filing through ClearTax:

  • It is less likely that you would make an error while filing your IT- return
  • Filing E-return will also enable you to maximise your tax deductions.
  • ClearTax is an absolutely free tool for E-filing your returns.

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