Welcome to the city of pearls Hyderabad – Something that you would love to do if you are a Hyderabadi is Eat specially when there is a spread of Hyderabadi Cuisine – Yum kababs, Khubani Ka Meetha and everything to make your taste buds blossom with excitement. The city’s historic heritage has been a tourist attraction for decades now which still stands intact elegantly. Of late the city has turned into a major IT destination and serves as a home to many leading IT offices.

With a population that is at par with a metro, the city has a lot to offer. To make use of offers sometime you need cash which you may or may not have. Personal loans serve as a source of money when you need it the most. Being simple to apply, easy to process and quick to obtain personal loans are the easiest way of obtaining a loan for any need irrespective of the reason.

Personal loans are obtained by people during weddings, vacation, medical emergencies, and endless reasons to serve immediate financial needs of people.

Personal Loans can be availed starting from Rs. 50 thousand upto Rs.25 Lakhs. The loan amount offered by banks to avail personal Loans depends on your eligibility which is decided by the bank based on your repayment capacity which is evaluated as per your credit score calculated based on your repayment history.
Rate of interest charged on Personal Loans ranges from 12.65 % . Rate of interest change from bank to bank

While taking a personal loan you can be cautious of the overhead charges such as processing fee, fore closure charges, part pre-payment charges. You can easily opt for personal loans with less or nil charges on above mentioned features to avoid ending up paying more as overheads apart from principle amount of personal loan.

Know how eligible are you to apply for Personal loans:


If you eligible if your age is more than 21 years and less than 65 years.


  • Salaried: You are eligible to avail a personal loan in Hyderabad if you have a monthly income 17,500/-
  • Self Employed: You are eligible to avail a personal loan in Hyderabad if you have a steady monthly income.

Credit Score:

If you are regular at paying your credits and existing loans it will automatically show up your “Credit score “.  Having a higher credit score it will be more likely for your bank to grant approval on your personal loan in Hyderabad without a hassle.

Documents required availing Personal Loans in Hyderabad:

  1. A valid photo ID proof issued by the Government of India or the state government.
  2. A valid age proof issued by the govt.
  3. A valid residence proof issued by the govt.
  4. An Application form duly filled and signed by the applicant.
  5. Last six months bank statement duly stamped by the authorized signatory of the issuing bank branch.
  6. Documents required for Salaried:
  • Last three months salary slips
  • Form 16 or a valid IT return form

Documents required for self employed professionals:

  • Last three years IT return certificate along with computation of income.
  • Last three years audited balance sheet and P&L account duly certified by a CA.

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