About Capital First Limited:

Capital First Limited was founded by Mr. V. Vidhyanathan which is a private financial service provider for customers and in retail businesses. It’s a non-banking financial company which has a consistent growth and profits. Capital first has many different products for customers and businesses.

Here are some features and benefits of Personal Loans at Capital First Limited:

It is very easy to get a personal loan at Capital First Limited. Minimum required documents are to be submitted without mortgaging any properties or gold, etc. Capital first also provides insurance to the personal loans with interesting rate of interest.

Anyone can avail personal loans for various purposes which may include meeting your finances related to your wedding, planning a vacation along with your dear ones, meeting any unexpected expenditure, waive of existing loans or debt, etc. Personal loans are the quickest, safest way to avail cash in a cash crunch situation. Therefore, bo matter what the reason may be you can easily apply for a Personal Loan at Capital first and be assured that you would have it without much hassle, and easy documentation right at your doorstep.

Interest is calculated on monthly basis and the income of the customer. Customer can avail personal loan even if he has an existing two wheeler loan at Capital First Lt and the loan will not be sanctioned if the age is below 21.

Capital First Limited – Personal Loan Amount – Rs. 10, 00,000/-

You can avail personal loans at Capital First Lt. up to Rs.10, 00,000/- if you are a salaried professional.

Capital First Limited – Rates of Interest – 11.5% to 24%

Personal Loans at Capital First Lt. come with a rate of interest ranging between 13% – 20% per annum

Capital First Limited – Foreclosures.

Part prepayment of personal loans at Capital First is not allowed.  Customer can completely close the loan only after the payment of 24 EMI’s with 5% charges up to 6 months and then 4% after that.

Capital First Limited – Loan tenure – 5 years

You can lay back and pay your loan amount during long loan tenure of 1 year – 5 years.

Apply for Capital First Personal Loans at Letzbank – Know how:

  • Register yourself and submit an application with Letzbank.
  • Evaluate personal loan offer from a large gamut of partner banks
  • Click on the Personal Loan EMI Calculator option and plan your own loan including your EMI, ROI, and loan tenure. You can also fore-see your loan at various stages by using this tool.
  • Submit your application and we will get back to you.
  • None of the applicants will be charged any additional fee towards the service fee for the applications submitted online