Globally recognised high ranking colleges are few in India and compared to the influx of students every year they are extremely difficult to get in too. This makes many candidates look at overseas education every year. Nothing should stop a deserving candidate from taking up an opportunity to receive higher education from the best educational institutions situated anywhere in the world. However, the more unfortunate reality is that the financial burden that comes with such opportunities keeps many aspirants away from this dream. An end to this dream also spells an end to begin a career overseas. But education loans can help you tremendously in giving your dreams a real push. At Letzbank we have collaborated with world renowned lending agency Avanse, whose specialisation lies in education loans that make the dream of overseas education true!

Why Avanse?

Avanse is an expert in education loans and when it comes to choosing the best, Avanse is a front runner. Avanse is part of the very famous and reputed DHFL group which is the second largest private housing finance company in India. Even International Finance Corporation, an arm of World bank holds 20% equity stake in Avanse! With such elite associations, it is obvious that Avanse can prove to be a trustworthy ally of your educational aspirations.

This institution believes in engaging with educators and students to understand their requirements and build products around such needs. The young team further ensures that there is a connect between Avanse and its potential clients. With active engagements with over 400 educators and standalone offices across India, Avanse has sent many students to UK, US, Australia and other countries to continue with their higher education. The three values Avanse stands for are:-

1. To provide hassle free and 100% education finance to Indians, to study both in India or abroad;

2. To provide customised solutions and flexible repayment plans;

3. To encourage and mentor students with research, innovative products, accessibility and trustworthiness.

Our Partnership with Avanse

We at Letzbank believe in partnering with the best service providers for our clients and following this very principle, Avanse is what we chose to collaborate with when it came to education loan. We are offering loan for undergraduate courses of up to Rs. 1 Crore with tenure of 120 months (10 years) at a rate of interest of 12.5%! The finance charge is limited to 1% and there is no service charge on the loan extended.

You can also check your eligibility criteria on our website to arrive at the amount you can easily avail the loan for. We must also mention the credit score checker which lends credibility to your loan application and makes things easier. Call us today on 040-4858 6878 to talk to our customer care to enquire further about your education loan. We will be more than willing to help you in clarifying all your doubts and address any issues in this regard.

So, do not hold yourself back! Give your dreams the wings and see yourself soar high with dream of overseas education turning into a reality with Avanse’s education loans!