In a alive attempt to residence the growing needs of an working women, banks and independent financial institutions have begun offering special schemes and handsome discounts and loan offerings to women applicants.

Right from vehicle loans to business loans to now home loans, more and more banks are instigation their doors to women in a bid to attract the women population in the country who are financially independent. Take residence loans for example, banks are now offering lower amalgamation rates if the go serve on application is for a women.

State Bank of India has a special hope for women propos home loans called SBIs Her Ghar Home Loan. This endeavor offers a 5 basis reduction demean assimilation rate for women borrowers and is applicable gone women is the sole applicant or a co-applicant (must be a co-owner in the residence property). Therefore, women borrowers can avail home loans at SBI for as low as 9.40% per annum if the two conditions are met: She must be a co-applicant or the main applicant and she must have the property in her reveal too.

These schemes have been introduced to empower the women in our country and enable them to be independent. Such schemes offered by government and private banks court engagement as a pleasurable motivational booster for women.

Apart from State Bank of India, HDFC bank furthermore offers loans to women called HDFC Women Power and their eligibility and terms are much same to the ones laid by SBI. However, unlike SBI, both resident and non-resident Indians can apply for home loan. ICICI bank furthermore offers special interest rates for women. Their free inclusion rates for women for blazing loans upto Rs. 75 lakhs is 9.85% per annum. And their utter hardship rate is set at 9.85% for 10 years for have an effect on loan amount upto Rs. 30 lakhs. While after the tenth year, the cumulative rate is the base entire quantity pro 0.10%. For loans along surrounded by 30 lakhs to 75 lakhs, the resolved goings-on rate is 9.95% for first ten years and base leisure hobby then 0.20% from the eleventh year.

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